CSNY / Crosby Nash BBC 1970

Crosby Nash BBC - Simple Man - Marrakesh Express (1 of 5)

Crosby Nash BBC - Guinnevere (2 of 5)

Crosby Nash BBC - Song With No Words Teach Your Chi (3 of 5)

Crosby Nash BBC - Lee Shore (4 of 5)

Crosby Nash BBC - Traction In The Rain (5 of 5)

These videos are from a September 11 1970 half hour television performance Graham and David did for the BBC.

It was right after CSNY had finished their famous...or infamous... four way street summer tour. with stories of epic melt downs and cosmic feedings between them all, the all star endeavor which had only began two years prior had all but imploded on itself.

Fortunately, all of the guys didn't abandon their relationships all together. Neil recruited Stephen, David, and Graham for backing vocals on After the Gold Rush and Harvest. Crosby invited, among other amazing musicians, Nash, and Young to sing and play on his consummate album If I Could Only Remember My Name.

(Interestingly, of all the musicians David invited to play on his album: Nash, Young, Jerry Garcia,Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart,Bill Kreutzmann, Jorma Kaukonen, Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, David Freiberg, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Gregg Rolie, and Michael Shrieve...missing was Stephen Stills)

Of all the members of CSNY David and Graham's relationship seemed to be the one that stayed most friendly. In these videos you can really see how jovial and genuinely humorous they were with each other and with their audience. not to mention their majestic vocal blending. (the two part harmonies, which sound like five part, on Guinnevere and Song With no Words are particularly mind blowing)

If you dig this flavor of Crosby and Nash i would recommend finding a copy of their 10/10/1971 live recording Another Stoney Evening if you haven't already.


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